The Makeup Moron 

Just a quick explanation to who the Makeup Moron is. And why I chose that as a menu option/category…

I will do some reviews of beauty boxes and the products…. Show you all how I used them…

I wouldn’t call them how to’s especially because i am seriously a Mermaid when it comes to makeup, like ariel using the fork to comb her hair…

Well I looked the same way when they showed me what an eye lash curler was LoL..

So I’m a Makeup Moron Literally,

I guess these post will be like those for dummies book… make up for dummies

Not because any of you are dummies , but because  I am when it comes to make up, and whats more fun then watching and reading about this mermaid aka moron trying to figure out  make up out…

Sending you all postive vibes…

 Hugs and Love,



One Comment Add yours

  1. atkokosplace says:

    Looks like you’ve figured it out! Pretty!❀❀❀

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