The day that changed my life ..

The day that changed it all….

Flashback to 7th grade…

I know I know lame to start with a flash back but I said the whole story…👍

So it’s 6th grade summer and I’m across the street from my house standing in front of the baseball field. My cousins little league game had just let out and it’s hot so I cross the street to splash some water on my uncle.

Little did I know that day would change my life … My uncle comes back outside and I rush across the street. But not before looking to my left to make sure no cars were coming. See I live on a one way street. We only ever had to look to the left as cars wouldn’t be coming from the RIGHT….



A gentleman decided to back his truck/van into the one way street that day. That day a car hit a little girl crossing the street who was playing with her uncle after his son’s baseball game had ended.

That little girl is me….

So cue the corny moment when the world blacks out and you open your 👀 and a bunch of people are standing over you staring at you. Screaming your name…

And at that moment I closed my 👀 and open them again just to make sure your not stuck in some sick dream.

Dreaming… Nope no dream, don’t move don’t get up they yell. And all I can bring myself to ask was why not what’s the big deal. Just wait for the ambulance to get here they tell me. Rushed to the hospital, to see a doctor and after about fifteen minutes. I’m cleared. The doctor looks at me and says nope no broken bones, no real damage , seems to be just some scrapes on your elbows

Whomp whomp…

“That’s it?” I sigh as though expecting way more to be said.

Yup that’s it the doctor tells me.😳.

I was about 13 that summer, and till this day I remember three things quite clearly.

 1⃣. How disappointed I was being I had never and till this day have ever broken or fractured . After getting hit by that car I kinda expected to have something at least fractured. But nope no broken bones or fractured parts. Just some scrapes on my arms from them sliding across the street after being hit.

2⃣. The voicemail I left my pops….

SIDE NOTE: Reason why my Pops wasn’t there is because my parents have been divorced since I was 4. I lived with my mom visited my Pops then.

“Hey dad it’s me, I’m at the Hosiptal. I got hit by a car but I’m fine. Gotta go, gonna eat some mcdonalds now with mom. Love you. “

:hangs up giant brick cell phone:

Talk about nonchalant. 😬

😬⬅️[ this emoticon represents me smiling with my braces btw]

3⃣. Always listen to your mother… 99.8% of the time your mother will be right. Till this day my mother will remind me that I learned the lesson the hard way. The lesson being always look both ways before crossing the street..

Cue Alanis Morisette song… Ironic…

Cause isn’t it Ironic….


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