Dealing with flare ups and not so nice people. 


So every time this happens no matter how bad it is I have to remind myself it will clear up.
It might be two weeks or three weeks but it will go away. So breathe. You’ve had worst flare ups and survived. No everyones not staring. Everyone’s not judging. And so what if they are. Do you really want to surround yourself with people who judge other people on solely their face. Come on. 

I’m on my way home ;there aren’t many people on the train. Just have to keep telling my self to breathe. Breathe. I went to training for this new job even though many people saw my face. Old me would have hid. Hid at home for as long as possible. Literally. But I learned that life happens with or without you. People will make you feel small and it won’t have anything to do with your face or acne or height or weight. But how you handle it and react to it is what matters most. Today someone truly made a scene on my line while the customer in front of her stumbled to find another form of payment. It wasn’t comfortable for anyone really lol. But I kept smiling. Not because I wasn’t nervous or cramping. Thank you Mother Nature. Or anxious. But because how strangers treat you is not a reflection of who you are. It only tells you about that individual. 

Always do your best to be kind even when those around you are not. It speaks volumes about your character 
This acne flare up will go away and I will get this job down pack in time. And at the end of the day at least I know in my heart I am always kind.

Hope you all are having an amazing night. 

Sending you all 

Love, Hugs,

& positive vibes. 

Love Feyth. 


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