Finding my two girls…

In April of 2015 I had to say goodbye (<–story here)  to my little monster and after realizing how quiet it would now be without him, I had decided I wanted to adopt again. But this time I decided that instead of one kitty I would get two kittens. Since I was little my Aunt V,the original animal crazy lady in my family (who currently has 5 cats and 3 dogs;all rescues by the way) has always told me about black animals at the shelters being last to be adopted. So I decided then and there that one would have to be all black

 I went crazy looking for two bonded kittens. But because it was before kitten season, I was told over and over from every where that it wasn’t likely till the weather heated up and to try back then. But I was determined. I emailed online ads, try using pet Finder, visited the Aspca and even considered Craig’s list for a moment but decided that was too sketchy of line to cross and nothing. No kittens under 7 weeks. I had to visit three different places before stumbling upon my two girls. . .

It was quite serendipitous to how they found me. I arrived at the Manhattan pet store that I had past plenty of times while traveling to my grams house. I had never really given this place a second look.But this was the location the organization who was showing kittens to be adopted had chosen to set up for the day. I got there early to adopt the brothers who I had not seen pictures of. I actually knew nothing other that they were younger than 8 weeks and that one was all black. The lady was running slightly late so I decided to play with the store cat. While I waited I called my mom. ” Don’t worry Faith, you’ll know when you found them,she said,you’ll feel it.”

About 15 minutes later she arrived with two cages. She set them up next to one another. Upon looking at the two male kittens I was suppose to adopt I realized I didn’t feel a thing. Quite sadden I looked at the other cage and asked the lady if these two were up for adoption also and she said yes they were. 

They looked at me for a moment and continue to beat each other up. And that’s when I knew I had found the two new additions to my family. 

Two new girls to spend and experience the next chapters of my life with. 

I signed the papers and later that night they would be at my home. Frantically I rushed home. I had to kitten proof my room ASAP. It was then when I realized from now on I would be buying two of practically everything.

They arrived that night and I fell in love. Unaware of how it would be and what would unfold. It has been a completely different experience from having my little monster. These two came with surprises right away that the lady I adopted from forgot to mention. They came to me with round worm and ring worm (click here for that post ). And I was so scared because one was so much smaller the the other. Later I would learn this was because she is the runt of the litter.
Despite the Itchiness and red ringed spots phase they both  filled out beautifully. 

It’s only been a year with these two but I can’t imagine life without them now.
Two of a kind they are. But we truly are three peas in a pod. And I look forward to the many surprises they have instore for me. 

         💚 Sending you all positive vibes 💚

                         HUGS & LOVE 


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