So it’s been a while 


Been voulnteering as much as possible now… 

It’s been almost year I’ve been unemployed. The only thing keeping me sane is my voulnteer work

I’ve been voulnteering with an organization called New York City Feral Cat Initiative. Which is run under the giant organization The Mayor’s alliance for NYC’s animals

Been helping in any way I can. But the main thing is to help out during the TNR workshops. If you have no clue what (TRAP NEUTER RETURN) TNR is and would like to understand the program feel free to visit the site. It is truly an amazing organization. In there own words here’s 

 What We Do:

The NYCFCI provides advice to the general public and TNR caretakers by phone and e-mail; feline educational information via its website and printed materials; community outreach and education, including TNR certification workshops and specialty training workshops; free equipment loans; transport of traps to and from TNR sites and transport of cats to and from spay/neuter appointments; cat food and straw giveaways; and limited hands-on TNR assistance. – the Nycfci website

Last week I got to keep an eye on some baby bottle feeders and it just reminded me how big my girls have gotten. 

If ever you are unsure of your calling or you’re totally having. A bad day. Go snuggle up with your dog or cat. In my case two sister cats who I am so grateful to have. 

They remind me daily how you may not ever be able for save every last stray but you can save one or two and change there life for the better. 

Go hug your four legged family member

Hugs and Love,



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  1. We have two cats and three dogs. four of five of them are rescue. We need people like you in this world. Thanks you.

    1. Faith says:

      Awww thanks. But also thanks for rescuing and not shopping for a four legged family member.

      1. All critters are the same on the inside. Their just different on the outside and and we have to see the beauty the inward beauty.

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