Yea We Survived….


Our first visit to the vet

I don’t know about you but I was nervous for our first visit. I write , Our visit as though I’m the one being examined lol. But the drive over was nerve wrecking for me as I’m sure as it was for them. They’ve only ever had two other car rides. When they were being brought to me from the organization I adopted them from and when they needed to be spayed. 

I did switch the girls carrier. Donated the large ones I had for regular size small cat ones. The original ones I had were large enough to fit more than one cat inside. But then I kept reading smaller is better. That a cat feels more comfortable in a smaller space which would explain why Luna loves the bathroom sink and why Kisses loves the bread box. 

Both reacted quite nicely to our family veterinarian who has been our family vet for many years and was my old pup and little monster’s  doctor. 

Now that the girls are all set up with their yearly shots and have been said to be perfectly healthy I can be a little less worried.

Now to buy them two cat trees. 

Any recommendations? And how was your first vet visit with your four legged family members?

Sending you all positive vibes. 

Hugs and Love

Love Faith. 


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