Just breathe ….

Every feel like your thoughts are choking you. Like All this overthinking  is truly not healthy for me. And I can feel it take a toll on me. My backs sore. My body’s achy. My face is red and breaking out. I can literally feel myself getting sick. And I’m subconsciously doing it to myself. That’s the crazy part.

The constant over analyzing and stressing is causing me to feel like the walls are closing in on me right now

And as I inhale to freak out for a little longer my cats comes over to remind me to breathe

Idk what it is about my girls but no matter how sad,anxious,nervous or upset I am. They always seem to have perfect timing to when to come over to be rubbed. Or to keep me company and just lay down with me. Something about there cool demeanor and there genuinely nonchalant gestures always helps me to regain a hold on my reality

Thank you both for always having such great timing and for loving me enough to know  when I need a breather….

Sending you all 




Love Faith 


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