A quick review about these kitty products…

 So I got these items for my girls a good… couple of months ago. I didn’t want to write anything about them until it had been more then a two months because Well as you know if you have 🐱feline 🐱family member(s) , sometimes they love a toy for a day then never look at it again.


PetSafe SlimCat Cat Food Dispenser in Blue 

Price:$8.99 / Bought from: petco.Com

My thoughts:This ball is awesome. It took me a while to actually find one for cats as I saw a lot in the pet store for dogs. After ordering this one online I decided to put it to the test. My girls love this ball. Pros: what’s awesome about this ball is you can adjust the size of the wholes,so you can use treats or there own kiblets. I would say the only con is well as awesome as this is remember, that though some of us  think a chubby kitty Kat is adorable, an over weight cat comes with many health issues and over all is not good for kitty. So though my girls enjoy this toy I would say don’t let it become a habit or reason you overly do treats or kiblets.  Awesome and easy to use just keep in mind kitty’s health and weight when using. 

Pet stages
nch and wrestle fish 

Price : I don’t remember being that is not listed at petco. Com anymore but if you click the link above the picture it tells you where you can it find it by you.

My thoughts: So my girls loved this at first. They love this noise in general but eventually got bored with it. Every now and then they play with it but not very often. Pro: the kitty’s love the noise and if your kitty loves to kick I would say this is just about the right size for kitty to get in some kicking. Con: the only con I can think of is that my girls got bored with it quickly but that’s more of a personal reason. 

The last thing I will mention in this post has to be my girls favorite thing I’ve purchased for them  so far. 

Leaps & Bounds Leopard Print Crinkle Cat Tunnel 

Price :$19.99 / Bought from: petco.com
 My thoughts:    I have two kitty cats so I bought two for them. I tend to buy two of everything when it comes to them. But really one will do. they only really play with one of them so the second one is just a backup just in case. Pros: sturdy and easy to use and put away when not in use.  you can undo half and your kittens will still play with the tube in a new shape. My girls especially love the peekaboo hole. Con:  I can’t really think of a con even after much use and play time with the tube.

Though my girls like the stuff I buy them from the pet store they also tend to like regular things to play with that are in the house. Kisses loves water bottle tops so much when I open the bottle she comes running to collect it. And Luna likes the wrapper on anything. Especially the cough drop wrapper and lollipop wrappers.

Do your furry friends have any regular house hold object they love to play with ??

Either way make sure your furry friends are always safe and make sure to check in that there still being safe while playing. Hope you enjoy my reviews and it help you pick out new stuff for your furry friends. 

Sending you all including your four legged family members: 

Hugs & Love 

And only

 💚Positive Vibes💚

Love Feyth


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