Feeling a little stuck ?

So it’s been about four months since I lost my job. Finding a new one has been honestly a frustrating process. 

Applying and applying and applying

I have my bachelors in psychology. But no psychology related experience which makes it quite difficult to find a job in that field. … I have customer service and cashier experience from my last jobs as a cashier and executive assistant. And animal care experience from owning, petsitting, family pets and of course from volunteering. 

Been stumbling around with having to excersise and having no motivation to do so which is effecting my goal to get healthier which as I am reminding daily is not going to get any better me just sitting on my bum.

As much as I am frustrated with those two things I am reminded daily that there is still much to be grateful for. 

As thanksgiving passes and Christmas approaches I am reminded daily to be grateful. To be grateful for the life that I live because as the situation is a little frustrating it could be well worst. 

So as the holidays approach, which ever it is you celebrate I want to remind you to be grateful for the lives you live and the food company you keep. Let us all be grateful…For those that love us, and for the many blessing we have been blessed with from grand ones to small ones which we tend to over look. Such as a home and bed to lay after long days, warm clean water to bathe in, people and four legged family members who love you for you , and food to eat daily. 

Sometimes situations in life are  frustrating,  but it does not mean that it will be this way forever and it also doesn’t mean that this is it. Just keep pushing forward. And most of all be grateful. 

Stay positive. 

Focus on the positive. 

Sending you all only positive vibes .

Much LOVE & HUGS ,

Love Faith 


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