I’ve Been unemployed for about two months now and at first I was extremely stressed about that.

Two weeks ago something put life again in to perspective…..

I thought about this on the bus ride home from dropping off my cousin to her bcc campus which was my first campus, later going on to attend and graduate with my bachelors from Lehman. 

While crossing the street with my cousin we stop and there was a gentleman driving a car who got extremely angry at us for hesitating to cross. He clapped his hands at us and shoke his head and we preceded to walk across the street. Life is too short to be that angry about having to wait for two girls to cross the street while you’re driving. 

But then my cousin made a good point. She said he doesn’t know why we hesitated or why it takes us a little longer to get across the street. Just like we don’t know why he was so angry. Let’s just be grateful we are not that angry. In todays day an age,when no one knows a person until they’ve walked a mile in their shoes or actually stopped to get to know someone, one would think we would not be so quick to judge all the time. 

Why is it so easy to get caught up in what you see and not just have simple consideration and understand that everyone has there own hardships and there own problems. If we were a little less angry and judgemental imagine how kinder the world would be. 

Consideration and smiles go a long way. Life is too short to get caught up in anger and to waste energy so negatively. Life is short. Spend as many moments as you can with those you love and make them count. In the end that’s all we have. 

Two weeks ago I survived a car accident. And there’s nothing like air bags popping and the cliche of slow motion occurring during an accident to remind you just how short life is and just how grateful we should be to alive and well. 

So that stress over finding a job and stressing like the white rabbit about me being late in life well I’ve decided that life’s to short to live that way…

 I will now go out of my way to be more positive. Have better perspective. Have more consideration and make my  moments count with those I love. 

Sending you all positive vibes..

๐Ÿ’š HUGS & LOVE ๐Ÿ’š



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