Cone of shame…


so I spayed my girls on the 6th and I was told the cone of shame wasn’t totally necessary. So I tried with one but when she freaked out. I left them both without it. They seemed fine. Eating. Playing. Etc. Go to dog sit my pops pup. Come back home after about five days and my little Babuna decided to lick off all the glue and nibble towards her stitches.

Today I took her back to the doctor to see just how bad it was. And it wasn’t horrible but wasn’t great. I feel so bad….

For two weeks my little Babuna is stuck like this

So she can’t eat on her own and she can’t drink water. I was thinking of getting her a hamster water dripper thingy to see if she can drink water out of that. 

Any suggestions?

Hopefully in two weeks all will be well. 

Sending you all positive vibes. 

Hugs and Love,

Love Faith



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  1. cheekiecat says:

    She looks adorable with that cone. But I feel bad that she has to go through the ordeal of getting her water and all. :/ hope she is better soon!

    1. Faith says:

      Awww thanks. I appreciate it. Hopefully she won’t have to go thru it for all two weeks. Hopefully the wound will heal sooner.

  2. Marc-André says:

    Oh noes!!! Hope she’ll be alright soon. :(. How about the other one? Did the bitter stuff help at all?

    1. Faith says:

      I hope so also. Thanks. I ended up not even bothering with the bitter stuff because at first she stop licking.

      1. Marc-André says:

        Ah ! I hope this nightmare will be over soon. ❤

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