Look what arrived in the mail:)

No no not those two….

Today I received  my It Cosmetics Celebration Foundation Illumination with Brush. 

  I never had heard about them honestly but about two weeks ago my mom was watching QVC like she usually does and saw and watched the whole hour. She then later dvred the next time they had it on to show me. 

So I watched the co-creator Jamie Kern Lima  apply it live on screen. And I have to say I was amazed. Usually to get that look I usually watch youtubers sit there for at least 15-30 minutes to get the whole face magic going. Not that I’m not impress with those videos and make up artist on YouTube cause I am. But the truth is I am in no way shape or form close to a makeup artist as yall know. I’m the Make Up Moron.  

So seeing her apply the product and the results impressed me. (PHOTO CREDIT: itcosmetics.com

PHOTO CREDIT: itcosmetics.com)

Now to find out if it’s TV magic or if it actually works….When I try it out I let you know and take some pics to show you how it goes. Which if you know me should be interesting  cause I’m like Ariel the mermaid with a fork when it comes to make up. 

Have any of you tried It cosmetics? 

Sending you all POSITIVE VIBES.

Hugs and Love.

  LOVE Faith. 


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