One more to go …

So I’ve had a bit of a stressful week and weekend but on the bright side I’m on my last granny square.   
This is my first time doing granny squares and it is harder then I thought but not impossible. 🙂 


  No I am not pregnant or completing an art project. Supposedly those are  the only reasons why you crochet on the train now a days lol. Granted I only look like I’m about 19 but come on people of NYC be a little more open minded lmao. 

 My cousin is having her first baby in two weeks. I’m continuing a tradition to give a crochet blanket to the next generation in our family. My mom made one for my cousins and I when we were born. So I decide to give it a whirl. Except I decided to be complicated and chose granny squires which until last month I had never tried.  I have to say though it has been a challenge but I kept pushing forward and I know I will be satisfied when its all done 🙂 

Any suggestions to how the heck to make all these squares a blanket lol. Now to figure out how to crochet them together. Challenge accepted. I will show ya the finished product once it’s all done 🙂

Hope you all are having an amazing weekend 🙂

Sending you all positive vibes. 

Hugs and Love,

Love Faith  


3 Comments Add yours

  1. cheekiecat says:

    Love the purple and yellow combo. I’m sure it will turn out supremely adorable!(=

    1. Faith says:

      It be adorable and probably a little side ways but it be made with love

    2. Faith says:

      Thanks those are the mothers favorite colors

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