Hey kitty lovers…

so I’ve had my girls, two sister kittens for about three months now.  

 I still haven’t found the right clippers to cut thier nails …  

 And I’m yet to bathe them. 

They’re about 5 months so I need your thoughts…

Do you think it’s too late to start bathing  them?

Do you bathe  your kitties?

Any suggestions to sharpen the nail clippers. All the ones I buy splinter thier nails. 

And do you keep a collar on your fur babies? I tried to put it on my girls and the bell creep them out so much…they kept throwing flipping around I ended up just taking them off. 

They get neutered in two weeks and chipped… I’m extremely nervous. 

Any thoughts?
Sending you all positive vibes…
Hugs and Love,



6 Comments Add yours

  1. Hope the kittens are doing great!!!! 😀

  2. We have 2 cats and don’t bathe them or put collars on them (they are indoor-only). Don’t be nervous about neutering and microchipping, both are very minor procedures and your babies should do fine. We’ve used the same nail clippers on our cats since they were kittens. They look like little scissors with a hole cut out in the middle. Keep getting them used to nail trimming. Sometimes it helps to have someone hold the cat for you while you trim, it’s hard to do both yourself.

    1. Faith says:

      Awww thanks. I’m pretty nervous 🙂

  3. charityknitsforanimals says:

    I have never bathed my cat as well I would be taking my life into my own hands! I bathed my long hair cat but only if stuff got stuck in her fur. I think brushing them and their own grooming should be enough. They do now do a mousse shampoo that you do not need water for that you could try maybe. Do you have scratching posts? That should really help with the claws x x

    1. Faith says:

      I have two tiny ones. Any recommendations for a good brand ?

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