First time for everything….


so when I got my girls I didn’t think it would be extremely different from having my first little monster. But surely I was wrong… 


I couldn’t ask for anything more with these two. They’re amazing fur babies and I love being able to experience having girl kitty kats for the first time. 

No one told me they’d come with what happened next. Scratching, well that wasn’t  new to me. [when my aunt had her first cat Donna when I was 7. She made me her official scratching post.]

So scratches didn’t surprise me. My girls haven’t scratched me on purpose they’ve all been spooking accidents. But the ring worm well that was new….

Wasn’t too horrible….


   But now that my marks are all faded and the girls hair has grown back. I’m finding it slightly more easy to not panic about their well being ….
And just love my two new four legged family members 



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