Good bye for now….

On the 7th I received my little monsters ashes in the mail. Delivered in a regular box but when I opened it it was packaged like a gift.  Receiving my little monsters ashes is the last of the process. The rainbow bridge poem was in the card they sent along with him. 

This wasn’t my first four legged family member I’ve had to say goodbye to. It’s my third

My first was my Rottweiler. My first doggie.    

She was my childhood dog. She got me thru some hard times. She was my four legged sister. She was stability when I did not have much of that with my pops at that time. I hate all stereotypes about so called “dangerous,big, aggressive, scary” dogs like rotts or pitbulls.  But that’s another post in itself. My first doggie was a mush , loved chasing snow flakes and taking bathes. She was an amazing first dog and I’ll always love her. She taught me to never judge by appearances at an early age.

My second four legged family member was my old pup. 

 She was meant for me but she took a loving to my mother. She became my mamma’s baby and my old pup. Even in old age she was still spunky. All 14 years she kept my mother company. She was a fighter and truly a force to be reckoned with. She taught me that sometimes it’s not bout the size of the dog but its bark; it’s about your heart. I will always love my old pup she was  truly one of a kind.

Then there’s my first boy. My little monster.  I  never knew he would grow to be so big. He was a Maine coon well the vet thought he was. Sometimes he would wrap His paws in my hands and it’s scary to think how huge they were even when he was just weeks old. He was not at all a lap cat but he had heart. And anytime I cried, was stressed, couldn’t sleep or just needed someone to be there he was. My little monster taught me being loved is not always sitting on your lap, but simply being there. He loved me the way he knew how and it was a love I am blessed to have experienced.

To anyone who has had to say goodbye to a four legged family member , the rainbow bridge poem always help me remember that my four legged family member is in a better place. And I take comfort in believing this is where my little monster, my old pup, and my first doggie is waiting….

I’ve had three four legged family members who have loved me unconditionally and all taught  me lessons at different stages in my life. I am grateful to have the time I had with them. I will always love them and They all leave a paw print on my heart. 

[What about you all? Any past pets who have touched your hearts]

Sending you all postive vibes,

Hugs and love,



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