Inside my  ipsy April 2015 Glam Bag…

So as you know I was trying out some beauty boxes because I being the Make up Moron ( or Makeup Mermaid), which ever term you prefer, wasn’t sure what stuff to buy so beauty boxes seemed like the perfect answer. 

Here’s what came in my first Ipsy beauty bag:

Ipsy April 2015 Glam Bag:

 I opened my bag ,took my photos , try out most of the products and gather my thoughts on the items. Then I  looked up other people’s bags via Twitter and Instagram and you tube. So I have to say for being my first bag I was a bit disappointed. As the products I received were kinda blah compared to other glam bags I saw.

 Inside my bag:

  1. JulieG Nail color. It doesn’t bother me that it’s a drug store brand, I’m all for drugstore or affordable products but I’m almost positive I asked for no nail polishes :/   
  2. Star looks satin finish lipgloss. I didn’t even bother to swash  or try this lipgloss out I was just blah bout it, I asked for no lipglosses. I never really liked their consistently.   
  3.  Klorane Dry Shampoo with oat milk.  So again when I took my quiz, or the way they supposedly some what personalize your bag, I requested no hair products.  
  4.  Evelyn Iona cosmetics concealer.   This product arrived opened in my glam bag. The packaging turned me off also, I won’t be trying this product because it was opened. Also because I at least expected it to be either in a box or have plastic seal like the most products have to remove before using.   
  5. theBalm cosmetics: Nude Dude eye shadow. So far I’ve only seen two shades that people have received. I received flirty.



So that’s what came in my first ipsy bag…

It did not have much stuff I would use. I am going to wait till mays bag to decided if I will continue my member ship. And I will let ya know what was in that bag also 🙂

What came in your bag? Any thing good?

Sending you all postive vibes,

Hugs and love ,

From the Makeup Moron,



    4 Comments Add yours

    1. atkokosplace says:

      It’s sad they sent you things you didn’t request. I do like the shadow on you! ❀

      1. Feyth says:

        Yea it’s not so cool but I will wait till mays bag to see if I continue with them

        1. atkokosplace says:

          Yeah, maybe it was a one time oversight!

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