Can you ever be too old for a family tradition ?

 Easter past about a week ago and no matter how old I have gotten I always have one thing to look forward to on Easter. (Yes there many religious aspects to Easter but set that aside for this post. )

Since I was about 4 it has always been just me and my momma. Every Easter and valentines day since then, I  always had a basket to look forward to made specially by my momma. 

Last week my mom hands me my basket and says what’s going to happen when you have kids …. I’m going to have to make baskets for your kids and I’m like no no no I will make baskets for my kids and you. She looks at me and says and I will make continue to make baskets for you. 

So how old is too old? 

Honestly I don’t think you can ever be too old for family traditions.

At the end of the day when it’s all said and done all we have our memories…. 

So make as many of them as you can with those you love. 


It will always be the little things that matter to me the most. And this family tradition will stay with me forever. 

Sending you all positive vibes..

Hugs and love,



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