Fur babies….

Recently  I was in the waiting room waiting for my little monster to be returned to me. When it hit me having a four legged family member is an experience of its own. And I am blessed to have had two great dogs in my life. 

                   Currently I have a dog 

                               and a cat. Edit   

So I thought I’d share some things I realized…

What I realized about having a fur baby aka a four legged family member Or for you non-owners a pet

  • I Can’t really explain what it is like to have one unless you have one. 
  • Probably won’t get this post if you don’t have any four legged family members. So just skip this post lol
  • It’s an awesome ice breaker. Don’t know what to bring up or what to talk about mention your four legged family member. Every once in a while you’ll get lucky cause one who doesn’t love a cute pic but two the other person won’t resist sharing there pics with ya also. 
  • No two fur babies are a like. 
  • Yes fur babies have qualities of their owner yes I know that sounds odd to you non pet owners but I swear it’s true. 
  • Fur babies can sense things we can’t. Wether it be disaster on its way, or their owners discomfort , they sense how you feel. 
  • Having one I am convince actually makes you a happier person.
  • Most people treat their four legged family member like a family member which will not make sense unless you have one of your own. But believe me they grow on You an actually become one of the family.

Any who, the vet tech finally comes back out and every one looks up, and then back to whatever they were doing to pass the time, while they wait for their own family member to get out the doctor and she hands me back my little monster.

And I smile finally my four legged fur baby is back and healthy. 

Any who enough rambling about fur babies 

Hugs and love,

Much Love,




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