So the fashion show….

So yesterday night was my first two shows.  

I don’t know if you ever been to Lincoln center but it alone is stunning. 
I arrive and there’s a few doors to chose from lol. 
When I finally get to my door and walk in scan my ticket for the first show. 
Total bonus is there are a lot of cool freebies 🙂 Wish I had time to stop at them but I didn’t want to be late. 
So I find our photographer. And get on the STANDING LINE. The standing line is first come first serve so you’re better off arriving extremely early to get on that line. 
Even though most of the time is spent waiting. Standing for the show to start. 
If your short like me, my advice is to get there really early to be first on that line so you can actually see the show. 
 The 2nd show was a little more interesting, and I got to sit down
The shows are a lot shorter then I thought they would be. Only about 15-20 min on the long hand. Never realized how much music plays apart of the show Until yesterday.  It’s kind of like when you watch a movie, who ever created the score is a genius. Pure genius. Because you get a scene and have to know when to place music, not just any music but the right music to make the scene and moment come alive. To be able to captivate the audience.  Well for the runway show it’s the same thing, the music is well just as significant. It really gives you the feel or sets the tone for the event. 
I had a young girl with I think Irish accent , ask me how long is the show, she was kind of over waiting. But she said this was her first show and I told her it is an experience like no other and most people never get to experience it. So I told her she can officially cross it off her bucket list. 
She asked me a question I never thought of, why do the models looks so dead in the face, why do they lack emotion, or all have such a straight face. She said wouldn’t it sell the clothes more if the models smiled. 
The only logical reason I could think of is well, models are beautiful as it is, if they were smiling at me Id focus more on the pretty lady smiling at me then on the clothes. 
Maybe they don’t want to distract you with them smiling. 
That was the best answer I could Come up with but I shall do some reading to see if I can find the real answer. 
Over all it is an experience I am grateful to  have been able to experience. If I ever go again….I will definitely be wearing flats. 
Your modern day mermaid,
ps. Want the pictures and reviews from fashion week, Check out . I did a few reviews on there 🙂


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