One hour to go…..

So an hour to go before my first fashion show….


The night before I decided on a striped black and white dress Mr. BB had bought me when we purchased the first grey one.

Any ways decided I was going to put on a full face.

What I mean by put on a full face is well, make up.

Yes I am 25+1 and never put on a full face of make up. I never really played with the stuff growing up. Until I read a bunch of articles, and watch a bunch of you tube videos and realized all the things wrong with my skin lmao.  I had assumed because I had got my acne under control that well there wasn’t much make up could do for my face but I was wrong….

Lol yes I said I was wrong… Make up well its crazy the things make up can do with your face… don’t believe me, google or youtube some contouring videos and you will be amazed. It’s like magic literally…

So this morning I put on a simple face, threw on my dress and made my way to the train to get to the office but not before slipping on ice, in my uggs.

Arrived at the office safely, did my work. And now and hour before the show I am nervous as hell….

My first fashion show, that’s something I could honestly say I never thought I would experience in this lifetime. But stepping out my comfort zone hasn’t been so horrid. I mean I did survive a club in NYC with my first pair of heals.

This modern day mermaid is going to try out these heels again, so here’s to round two

I let you know how it goes tonight….

Wish this fish out of water,

Good luck.



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