The first shopping experience I actually enjoyed…

Most girls love clothes and would jump on any opportunity given to go shopping for work. But I well I never really
Enjoyed shopping it wasn’t fun or easy. 
It was annoying , frustrating and sometimes could mess up my whole mood for the day. 
Usually after a store or two Im usually bummed and aggravated. I’m usually convinced that what ever I went Into the store to get I won’t find. 
And then all of a sudden something happened that I didn’t honestly think ever would occur…. 
I enjoyed a shopping experience.
Three weeks ago, My new friend let’s call him Mr BB, and I we’re seeking some much need work cloths for Dare I SAY IT. FASHION WEEK
At first… 
The experience started like the usual other uneventful shopping experiences I have had, 
Walking in and then walking out….
Though these stores we walked into I didn’t really shop at much or ever. 
At first I felt like I was being looked at like Vivian, from pretty woman. I wasn’t wearing a hooker outfit but Im no sample size and though I know Im Not a whale my negative perspective was making me feel like the cow in the room. 
They weren’t staring at me with peering eyes, which is usually why I don’t walk into these stores cause I always assume because I’m not a small that I’d be judge or something. 
But in a split second I remembered something I was reading about how most woman aren’t sample size. And it was about time to shift my perspective. 
So with a open mind I agree to try on anything literally ….
But I didn’t know what to chose. Not many examples of my special proportions lmao. 
And Just as I was about to get frustrated and say forget it, 
MR. BB , picked out a bunch of stuff to try on. 
We argued about me trying on a medium well because I haven’t been a medium ever. 

As a kid I was a small.

Then hit puberty and got my disorder and well been a xlarge/large ever since. So 

medium me. not gonna happen. 
so I tried on the large and it fit and then tried on the medium expecting to be able to say ha told you but instead I tried on a medium and….drum roll…
It fit

And it fit well. 🙂

Sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone is doing something that you usually hate doing but try doing again with an open mind and postive perspective.
So here’s to stepping out your comfort zone….
Your Modern day Mermaid,


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