5 things I’ve learned so far while working at my new job….

1.) When you have no clue what to wear. ( Which is me like every day…)

Put on all black
You can never have enough black literally. 
Which makes me giggle because well till this day I love Wednesday. 
2.) Give your self 10 extra minutes to do anything and everything. . .
Life is Unexpected and between late trains and appoinments falling thru and popping up well an extra 10 minutes can go a long way. 
3) No ones is as mean as Miranda in the devil wear Prada . But there will be people who talk to you like you’re a complete moron. But if your trying to make friends with every single person you meet, well wrong buisness. 
*On the flip side you will stubble upon some amazing gems that will help you forget the mean girls ever made you question that new hair cut.*
4) It’s harder then you think. Not impossible but definitely not for everyone. You gotta have thick skin and be able to handle and function in chaos
5) But so far I have learned there is much room to grow. And that’s what I’m most excited about. 

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