It’s crazy what watching old cartoons can remind you?…

So I’m on Netflix watching my daily dose of nostalgic cartoons.

And after I’m done watching My Littlest Pet shop. I decide I’m going to turn on one of my favorite cartoons of all time. ? My Little Pony .

Yes you can judge me lol, I’m 25+1. And I still watch my favorite cartoons on spare time.

But sometime it takes a really well written episode to spark something in you.

Cut to episode 14 of the fourth season called Filli vanilli…I spare you the details lol but here’s the quote that hit home for me …

Fluttershy: Sometimes, being afraid can stop you from doing something that you love, but hiding behind these fears means you’re only hiding from your true self. It’s much better to face those fears so you can shine and be the best pony you can possibly be.”

Yup that’s from My Little Pony…. Lol
So who would of thought that watching the revamped version of one of my my favorite childhood cartoon would be the wake up call I needed it.

To remind me:
Don’t hide behind your fears, and don’t be afraid to fail. But most of all don’t be afraid to be you and to shine bright .

2015/01/img_1963.pngDon’t deny your inner Pegasus.

Much love and hugs,


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