Like a girl…..

Oh the many pleasures of being a woman.

Besides having to put in twice as much effort when getting dress. Getting the bloody massacre that occurs in your pants, that comes once a month for most women which makes you cry and angry about everything and nothing at the same time. The blessing of carrying human life for 9 months and then dealing with your bits and parts afterwards which I’ve heard is so much fun and menopause which blesses us with the awesomeness that are hot flashes…

There’s social pressure to look, dress, act “lady like” or not so “lady like”. And figuring out the line between empowering and demeaning. We get to get probed and poked once a year or if you like to be overly cautious just because twice a year, by a lady doctor to make sure all our parts are in place. Not to mention the idea that women are still not able to do all the things men can do. We live in a world where were expected to look like the next reality show Barbie. Who is the least realistic. They wake up beautiful, barely work, dine and party at the best locations, and have the nicest of the nicest things.

We live in a world where there are perfect images to live up to, in a society that defines beautiful as something very unattainable. As we become teenagers and strange things happen to our bodies such as the bloody massacre and growing in two new things to complain about, self esteem fades and is replace with a million and one voices screaming

look like this.

Dress like this.

Act or don’t act like this !

And oh by the way here’s a list of things you’re least likely to be able to do , because you are a girl…

I had been watching some you tube videos and came across this “like a girl” always ad and cover girl “girls can” ad which is truly truly inspirational and a breath of fresh air.

See growing up in this generation I had lost all hope of an icon of any kind, not in movies , art, music, directing , etc .. For my generation likes mush. There perfectly compliant with mush. Regular. Don’t scribble outside the lines march in line kind of world. Where talent is wasted and pretty faces, a good rack and pair of abs and $$$ can buy your way in to any elite position or out of any law breaking consequences.

It’s when I saw this always ad and the cover girl commercial and it was like a breath of fresh air. Someone reaching out to our girls…Finally… Teenage girls with social pressures to look and act a certain way plus have their self esteem crushed and dreams laughed at. All encouraged to believe that being a girl one can not rise to the occasion. One can not break that glass ceiling that very much still exists. Basically girls can’t.

Oh this Always ad hit the nail on the head. When did “like a girl” become an insult?

And then there’s this cover girl ad, oh the beauty of a strong women ….

 When did it become okay to pick apart every flaw we could find an then give in to have society fix it with their push up bras, butt pads, high heels, corsets, extreme make up, extensions and every other quick fix to make what we don’t like so much about our selves better.

Why do we teach our little girls to focus on the bad and fix it with constant reminders of an image that is not attainable to most …..

Instill in our Girls that girls can’t. Simply because we are girls ?

Why are we teaching our little girls to focus on the bad when we should be teaching them to accentuate the good.

The always ad dares you to do things “like a girl”

And the cover girl ad reminds you. Yes girls can!

Lets take back that saying and make like a girl not an insult but a complement and remind women and girls every where


Let’s jump on this idea !!! Use social media and all platforms to get the word out…

Let’s help our little girls of today and tomorrow grow up in to strong confident women who break boundaries and shatter stereotypes and remind women today it’s never too late to be and do something you love.

Much love and positive vibes, from this girl right here, Faith.


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