Truth or dare?… Take a dare today… (quick post forgive my grammar and spelling)


Morning y’all it’s just about 11ish. And though I’m writing to you from the train with no service I’m gonna keep writing.
So today I wore soemthibg out of my comfort zone. Well completey out of my comfort zone. See I’m a tee shirt and jeans kind of girl. Never really tried out any of the trends being that well I’m not the tiniest of them all lol.
But I can’t let that be the reason why I don’t try new cloths. Not being the tiniest and having thick thighs a small waist and DD size puppies. Well shirts aren’t always fun to find lol but let me stop complaining as my uncle put it appreciate your body. Women pay for a chest and behind like yours. Now only if I could get rid if the chubbiest in-between but I digress.

My point of this long run on sentence is that you should try to do things outside of your comfort zone. Life isn’t really experienced untill you try a few things that make you feel a little hesitant.

See this outfit might make me feel like the whole world is looking at me but I have to remember that well I am
Wearing bright blue. I have my nose pierced and braces do make it seem
As though I’m pretty young.
Plus we shouldn’t let our hesitation or fear of what other people are thinking keep us from living out a dare every once in a while.

I mean how many of those random things do you have on your list.Telling yourself next time next time I will try it. I’ll try it before I’m 25.30,50 before I’m dead.

The crazy thing about life is that though it is like sand falling thru the hour glass no one has an exact count down for you and life happens.

So my dare to you is to cross one of those things on your list. It can be as simple as smiling more at strangers on the subway or like for me wearing an outfit I always say id wear when I lose 20 more pounds.

I’ve accumulated a few things on that list. That I just kept putting off.
Like Getting a passport /oh I’ll do that when I need to go away. Getting my License/ oh I get that when I need to drive. Wearing something out my comfort zone/ oh when I lose 20 more pounds. Smiling at compete strangers on the train / oh when I take my braces off. Exercise oh next month. But what’s with all my excuses ? Why put it off?

If I learned anything from working at my new job that I’m loving is that well life is short and the time you have on earth is not exact.

So live a little now. Right now. Cross something off your “I’ll get around to those out of my comfort zone things later in life” list.
Take a healthy risk, a little dare today.
I dare you to cross one of those things off your list.

You never know what your boundaries are until you cross them. And you never really experience life and grow if you forever live in the lines society has draw for you. Color outside the lines today.
Take a leap of faith, and encourage those around you to reach for the stars. And maybe all these positive vibes and encouragement and support can make a change. A ripple in the ocean….

Much love,


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  1. Petsrus says:

    Great post Love it 🙂 🙂 😉

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