It’s 6am what you up to?


 I guess there’s no better way to start then to jus start. I ramble. I rant. I complain. Sometimes my mind wonders off into long run on sentences expecting people to follow along but really most just stare with blank faces wondering if this long rambling babbling has a point. I promise all of my sentence have a point. So hey I guess. It’s 4am in the morning I have gotten no sleep as usual and I have as much energy as a four year old who’s just had the biggest chocolate bar, five bags of skittles and the largest soda to wash it all down with.

So heeeeyyy!

Most of the world is on their third or fourth dream by now and me I’m just wide awake. That’s how it works when you have a sleeping disorder. At least for me it does. No two cases are alike. But for me my trouble with the Zzzs well you can click there to get the whole story.

Spark notes version is I’m awake. A night owl literally. Sleep about 4 hours a day every day and not during regular sleep hours… Never ever before 7am…

What about you? 👇

random thought… I’m hungry and I’m going to go cook myself breakfast …. Maybe I post up a pic of what I cook this morning.

yes I know pretty random for my first written post, but that’s just me..

I hope you all have an amazing morning and an awesome day.

much love,



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